2 Reasons To Visit The Lely Resort Golf Course In Naples

Lely Resort Luxury PropertiesPeople that enjoy playing a good game of golf are always looking for a better golf course, one that can challenge them more than the one before. The game is addicting, and if you could live in a gated community that was focused on one or more golf courses, this should probably be an ideal situation. If you are the type of person that enjoys playing golf every day, or even once a week, you should consider the Lely Resort golf course that is located in Naples in beautiful sunny Florida. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider not only playing here but potentially living in this golf focus country club on the west shores of the Sunshine State area

This primary location is known for its golf course, privileges, and the amenities that go with membership. There are so many benefits to this private club, plus they make it very affordable for people that enjoy the game of golf. If you join, you will have access to the country club, getting you the opportunity to unwind from the daily stresses of life. You can forge new friendships, and also entertain friends and family members, creating some of the best memories that you will ever have. This is a resort that is known for not only the beautiful homes and golf courses but the many things that you can do while you are there. There are three golf courses to choose from, and there is tournament availability every day of the week, making it possible for everyone to have a chance to play.

Are There Currently Homes For Sale?

Depending on the time of year that you start looking, there will likely be over 100 homes that are currently offered for sale. You might be looking for one that is much smaller because you are single, or you might be looking for one of the best ones that they are selling right now which could be in a million dollar price range. Most of the homes that are priced this high are exquisite, positioned on large lots with panoramic views. Some have four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and as much as 5000 ft.², the perfect destination for people that want to live where all of the golfing action is.

Local realtors are going to be the best option that you have for finding individuals that are selling their homes at the Lely Resort. Even if you have never been there before, by looking at testimonials that you may find on the web about the quality of the golf course, and how beautiful the homes are, you might be motivated to find out more information. The price ranges will make it possible for generally anyone to submit an offer. Whether you have a few hundred thousand dollars that you could spend, or a couple million, there is always going to be something that you will want to invest in. Take your time to find a realtor that has his or her pulse on the real estate that is offered in Naples, especially at Lely Resort. This is a place where prime real estate is bought and sold every single week, and you could be one of the happy buyers that decides to begin living life in a gated community where you can play golf to your heart’s desire.

Two Reasons To Visit Lely Resort

Lely Resort Golf PropertiesFirst of all, there are the three golf courses that are available, and you can also take advantage of the 25,000 square-foot clubhouse that is available to all members. There is also the Classics Clubhouse, perfect for entertaining guests that you have coming over to visit, or family members that have not seen you in quite some time. There are tennis courts that you can plan, and tournaments that are posted every week. It truly is a beautiful place to live. Second, you may want to visit to see this real estate first hand on your own and decide whether or not this is going to be the next place where you live.

Anyone that has ever been to Lely Resort before understands how incredible this location is. Located in Naples, you will have access to everything around you that the city can provide. If you have never been, then you need to go to the website to see more about this golfing resort, and also look at real estate websites to see what they have available. You may soon realize that this is a place that you will feel very comfortable that, and you will likely find affordable homes, one of which you can call your own.

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