Why The Quail West Naples Golf Course Is One Of The Best

Quail WestAnyone that is familiar with the city of Naples understands the obsession with the game of golf, one that is clearly seen with all of the golfing communities at this beautiful coastal location. Very close to the Gulf of Mexico, it is dotted with places that have been built around golf courses, some of them designed by very well-known professional golfers. There is a location called Quail West in Naples. If you have never been there before to play golf, or even look at the homes, you will be quite impressed with what you see. It is situated on nearly 1200 acres of lushly landscaped natural scenery, right off of Interstate 75. There is a beautiful 70,000 square foot community clubhouse that people can enjoy, and the real estate is exquisite. Best of all, there are two golf courses that you can enjoy, both of which will be discussed, something that brings people to this location time and time again. Whether you would like to simply play golf at one of the better locations, or moved to the golfing community that has a good reputation, you can go wrong with Quail West in Naples. Let’s talk about those two golf courses.

The Lakes And The Preserve

Both of these golf courses are 18-hole, developed to blend right into the surrounding natural beauty that was designed by Arthur Hills. The Lakes was designed to be over 7000 yards long, focused on preserving the lush and natural water systems of the area. There are ponds, marshes, and freshwater lakes amidst towering pine trees and oak trees. Everything is so nicely blended; it’s hard to imagine that anyone playing would realize the incredible amount of work that went into not only the complexity of the golf course but to make it blend so well. The Preserve is the other golf course, also the same length, very different but designed in the same manner. You can take advantage of all of the flora and fauna that can be seen in all directions, making this a perfect place for people to enjoy their mornings and afternoons

The membership for this particular set of golf courses is $90,000. There are annual membership dues, social fees, and other investments that you will have to make to play on these courses whenever you want to. It is in an excellent location for those that may not live that this particular community, making it easy for them to stop by. However, if you would like to move to this area, a community with only 540 homes, it is one of the more elite locations that you will find throughout Naples. There are 600 memberships available, and there are openings from time to time. If you would like to join, you can become one of the few that can enjoy this golf course, making sure that you can enjoy your retirement, or perhaps your days off if you are still young enough to work. It’s also a good community for raising a family. It is located very close to all of the wonderful amenities that Naples can provide. If you haven’t found a place to live yet, you might want to consider moving into Quail West.

How Much Are The Homes In This Area?

Quial West golf propertiesThe homes in this area start at over $1 million, going all the way up to $9 million for some of the most extravagant ones that are available. You can find realtors that are marketing these homes, and you will likely be able to exceptional by reputation, and also in the way they can communicate with not only you but the sellers. If they have a good track record for ceiling deals, then this is someone that you may want to consider working with. It’s very easy to locate realtors that are selling these multimillion dollar homes, but take your time in making your selection. You may want to work with a couple of different realtors to see which ones actually can send you offers that may ultimately become the home that you purchase. Once you have found a Realtor that works for you, it may only be a few weeks before you can finally live in an area with a golf course that is up to your expectations, and also challenging as well.

If you do get a chance to see some of the homes in Quail West, and also play on the golf course, you will be astounded by what you see. It’s one of the best locations, an excellent combination of both nature and all of the modern amenities that come with living at a place of luxury. Whether you can get into and million dollar home or one of those that are closer to $10 million, you are going to be happy either way. It’s a community of people where social gatherings are occurring every day, allowing you to get to know new friends plus invite family members over for a good time. Talk to a realtor today to find out more about current offerings and listings, and see if you see something that you like. Best of all, if you are looking for an exceptional challenge when it comes to golfing, there are very few golf courses like these that will offer you both a challenge and also a walk-through one of the most beautiful areas of Naples.

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